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The Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree (EMJMD) in Pervasive Computing and Communications for Sustainable Development (PERCCOM) aims at combining advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with environmental awareness to enable world-class education and unique competences for ICT professionals who can build cleaner, greener, more resource and energy efficient cyber-physical systems.

The Master Program covers four semesters. The students move as a single cohort. They start their first semester at University of Lorraine (France). The second semester, the cohort is at Lappeenranta University of Technology (Finland), and the third one at LuleƄ University of Technology (Sweden). The last semester is dedicated to a thesis component and can be undertaken during the training period either in a private company or in one of the laboratories/departments of the different Universities involved in the Master Program. The associated partners give lectures in seminars. One seminar is located at St Petersburg University of IT Mechanics and Optics (Russia).The consortium will form support network to enable efficient interactions between students, and partners. Regular events will be held to advance the program objectives.

PERCCOM thesis works at LUT

2017: Ongoing
Title: Engineering and Incorporating Sustainability into Software Development : A Design Pattern Approach.
Student: Leon, Felipe
Supervisor: Seffah, Ahmed; Porras, Jari

Title: Capturing Human Behavior by Home Automation Infraestructure.
Student: Tran, Giang
Supervisor: Porras, Jari

Title: Gamified Participatory Sensing.
Student: Chea, Chandara
Supervisor: Porras, Jari; Palacin-Silva, Maria

Title: Early investigation towards defining and measuring sustainability as a quality attribute in software systems.
Student: Oyedeji, Abdullateef Shola
Supervisor: Seffah, Ahmed; Porras, Jari
Thesis Report

Title: Cyber foraging for green computing, improving performance and prolonging battery life of mobile devices.
Student: Temesgene, Dagnachew Azene
Supervisor: Porras, Jari
Thesis Report

Title: Green aspects study in game development.
Student: Palacin-Silva, Maria
Supervisor: Kasurinen, Jussi; Porras, Jari
Thesis Report

Title: Analyzing and Computing the Sustainability Gains of Building Automation.
Student: Sangogboye, Fisayo Caleb
Supervisor: Porras, Jari; Droegehorn, Olaf
Thesis Report

Title: Sustainable Computer Science Education.
Student: Matemilola, Zainab
Supervisor: Porras, Jari
Thesis Report